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If you have already registered for lessons with us, then an account will have been created under your name, with any family members or other persons you are paying for linked to your account. 

Here is how to set up your log-in ID and password:

  • Enter your first and last names under "New to Our Site?" you should see your name pop up on the next screen.
  • Click on your name and you will be able to set up a log-in ID and password.
  • We recommend that you create a separate log in ID and password for each family member, so that you can view past visits and future scheduled appointments as needed.

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To view schedules, a separate log-in is required for each student. For example, a parent, as payer on the account, will have one log in username and password to access the family account information. To view the schedules for children or other family members paid for by the main account holder, a separate log in with distinct password must be created for each student.

Need help? Give us a call at 847 205 4689.

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It's easy, super-convenient, and free! - But we do need to hear from you directly. Just give us a call at 847 205 4689, or email us at

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